Single Storey Kitchen/ Family Extension

A modest single-storey extension to a relatively new house was added to improve the family space.

Single Storey Kitchen & Family Room Extension

Planning permission was sought and approved for this modest single storey extension which forms a larger kitchen and family room on the rear of a relatively new house on Four Oaks Estate, within the Conservation Area.  The brief was to improve the family space that was originally three separate rooms, with the client wanting an open plan approach and to introduce as much light as possible, and with direct access to the garden. 

The existing kitchen was in need of an update too and the lack of a lounge/family area was something that the owner wanted so that they could enjoy the room throughout the day as the ‘hub’ of the home, especially given it’s location and the ability to directly access the garden and patio areas.

Although the extension is relatively small, the overall impact is huge.  By combining the extension with the existing kitchen and dining rooms the open plan offers a substantial space that is sub-divided into three zones whilst maintaining a open and bright room.

More and more families are spending time together, especially after the recent events, and working from home too, so creating a large open space like this is now considered ‘the norm’ with a property like this as we all evolve into modern living.

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