Orangery Extension

The brief for this extension was to create a ‘conservatory-like’ room but with the benefits and comfort of an extension.  Conservatories are the generally used in the spring/summer months when the weather becomes warm enough (but can become uncomfortable if the weather gets too hot) and come the autumn and winter the room becomes too cold to use.  Quite often the roofs are made up of polycarbonate and this is very noisy in heavy rain or hail.

Our aim with this project was to eliminate this ‘too-hot – too cold’ issue by introducing adequate levels of insulated structure whilst maintaining a sensible level of glazing in order to maintain the bright light and open-ness that a conservatory brings.  Aside from the benfits of creating an all year round use for the room, it is also makes it possible to open the new room into other rooms in the house without the need for separating doors (something that all conservatories are legally required to have).

This particular project opens up to an existing living room and dining space, providing both a link and an extra space.

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